Saturday, November 13, 2010

International Code of Conduct Signing

Evolutionary Security Management, ISSG Holdings Ltd, and APPDS are proud to announce the first fully operational service provider to sign onto the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC). Brought together in 2009, this professionally and ethically driven alliance of companies offers a full spectrum of security services ranging from the protection of single individuals to major ships operating in complex environments.
The ICoC sets the ethical framework for private security companies operating in complex environments. These complex environments can leave local populations particularly vulnerable to the effects of the conflict. The ICoC seeks to limit the negative impact on these communities by clearly defining what is considered to be appropriate conduct when taking into account the rights of individuals as defined by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and with significant input from civil society. Companies that contract with signatories to the ICoC are given a greater degree of assurance that the measures being taken to assure their security have taken into account branding, ethical and legal risks that could be elevated when using entities that do not adhere to the principles of the Code.
In making this commitment, our three companies can provide an assurance to our clients that the services that we offer are flexible, based on sound and proven practices and are now in line with the highest emerging standards in the industry.

Background on the Companies
Evolutionary Security Management provides specialized that focuses on risk assessment and security oversight.  Based in Canada, it has provided support to federal departments and major organizations around the world, including support as a recognized maritime security training provider. Its principal consultant, Allan McDougall, has acted as a senior security advisor to a number of lead agencies within the maritime security domain, including Transport Canada, Canada Border Services Agency, the Canadian Coast Guard and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans after his military service. He holds numerous certifications within the security domain, including the Certified Protection Professional, Certified Master Anti-terrorism Specialist, Professional in Critical Infrastructure Protection and the Computer and Information Systems Security Professional.
ISSG Holdings, based in the Seychelles, is a leading provider of merchant ship protection. Using security practices that have withstood some of the most challenging and complex environments for over four years, ISSG Holdings can offer armed and unarmed ship security from Egypt across to Sri Lanka and from the Arabian Sea to the Southern Indian Ocean. Its principal operator, Michael Murrell has provided managerial and leadership within civilian policing and the Coast Guard. In addition to its direct services, ISSG Holdings offers specialized anti-piracy training and mentoring to companies that are operating in the region.
APPDS is based in Greece and provides defence procurement solutions that comply with all relevant international and national regulations and oversight. A key partner in the anti-piracy activities, it can coordinate ship protection and also offers the maritime security officer foundations course—a high intensity course that brings together experts from the maritime security and police communities to provide maritime security service providers with training that is intended to ensure the appropriate protection of vessels using modern use of force training standards.
We are proud to be included as part of the initial signatories to the ICoC and the community that is leading the industry in strong ethical practices.
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