Thursday, November 11, 2010

INTERTANKO Slams Independent Convoys

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Intertanko slams independent anti-piracy convoys

by Lloyd's List last modified Nov 12, 2010 12:21 PM
Intertanko has criticised the independent national convoys that travel the Internationally Recognised Transit Corridor in the Gulf of Aden as being irregular and uncoordinated.
Intertanko Asia-Pacific regional manager Tim Wilkins said that while the industry appreciated the contribution of the national convoys to anti-piracy, the organisation’s membership had concerns.
He said Intertanko would like to see far greater coordination and regulation of the national convoys, but he would not identify individual countries involved.
China, India and South Korea are among the nations that have sent convoys to protect their own merchant shipping interests in the Gulf of Aden.
“It is felt a significant enhancement to the protection provided could be made by the coordination and de-confliction of such convoys,” he said.
A meeting had taken place on Monday in London where these views had been shared with representatives of the Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa, Mr Wilkins said.
Intertanko had produced a document he referred to as a “standard convoy notification form”, which the organisation’s members said would “greatly assist with de-confliction”.

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