Friday, January 20, 2012

MSB Group Ltd. passes second round of IAMSP Oversight checks

In the effort to continually keep you updated on the progress of the MSB Group, Ltd. as we said we would, we have found that the IAMSP  has completed another round of checks for the group. This seems to really be a good project for not only the Maritime Security industry, but for the shipping industry as a whole. As stated on the MSB web site 

IAMSP, the International Association of Maritime Security Professionals, has today announced MSB Group has passed the second round of its oversight checks and is now proceeding into the the third round of checks.
The second round checks ensured that the administrative control system will offer all member states the means and ability to continuously monitor the full system. This transparency will provide the member states, shipping companies and underwriters with the ability to have full confidence and awareness of the system in near real time.
These checks also ensured that the system is configured for access by Customs organizations and  other international bodies with an interest in overseeing and monitoring the movement of small arms and light weapons (SALW).

We will update further as more progress comes.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Piracy-MSB Group Ltd issues career openings

As we have been watching closely and promised to provide an update, the MSB Group Ltd seems to be moving along pretty quickly. Again, this is explained as a multi-state effort of logistical support and standardization of the movement of arms. Obviously this is a state controlled program and would be fantastic in the maritime security industry.

In having a look at their web site this morning, we now find a Careers page looking for some pretty interesting experience as below:

Logistical Support Staff:

"MSB Group is calling for curriculum vitae (cv) for the position of Logistical Support Staff. At this time, this is a general call for expressions of interest. Those with a background in the Navy or Coast Guard as small boat coxswain, armourer or in logistics / supply are welcome to submit their cv.
In addition to the experience listed above (minimum 2 years experience), individuals should be able to work to tight deadlines in reasonably austere conditions and interact tactfully and respectfully with other cultures and nationalities.
In addition to having a general understanding of the maritime environment and international arms regulations, the submitter must be fluent in both written and spoken English and have a strong (advanced) knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint.
If submitting your cv, please be clear with respect to the level skills associated with basic radio communications (maritime), small boat operations, the ability to operate computers, your knowledge of inventory control, weapon safety and handling, and basic inspection and audit techniques.
During the call for applications, those selected to submit applications are advised that there is a requirement for a state-coordinated background screening and reference checks. These will also include (but are not necessarily limited to) international background checks. Particular attention will be paid to the following attributes: reliability, trustworthiness, discretion, tact, and judgment.
We thank all those that will submit cv’s but wish to advise people that MSB Group is a logistical support group operating in a non-hostile environment. While we respectfully appreciate your former service, we are not seeking personnel who are looking to apply for on-board or on-shore security positions."

This seems to open up some land based opportunities for people with particular skills. Again, we will be keeping an eye on this for further developments.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Somali Piracy-Coastal States-Weaponry Program

We have been keeping a close eye on the new MSB Group since I found it posted on the net. I said I would bring more information as it comes and now we have found a new page on the site which is the Registration page.

This page now has a download link to access the information of how this process will work. The member coastal states however, are not yet listed as the site says they are awaiting the formal announcements of these coastal states.

What is the most interesting, is that any Private Maritime Security Company that applies to the system, is vetted by the State itself, and any employee of these companies is also vetted by the state. This will add a lot of consistency to the industry and some serious oversight.

Now we will wait for the formal statements from these Coastal States and provide any update we may find.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Piracy - Somalia - Movement of Arms

We have been keeping an eye on a new group: MSB Group Ltd., and have found a bit of new interesting information. Should this come to fruition, this could really take off and solve a lot of the issues in the maritime security industry.

We are pleased to announce that the MSB Group Ltd project has completed its pilot project and passed its oversight markers. The MSB Group is a coalition of like-minded states and private entities who have come together to offer a clearly legal and supported logistical structure.
Under the third-party oversight of IAMSP, MSB has formed the framework of a public-private partnership that will address industry major needs. First, shipping companies will be able to verify that the security company that they are considering have met certain vetting criteria. This vetting criteria is based on a range of authoritative requirements, including those of the Coastal States, reducing the risk of disruptions while adherence to unique requirements are met.
Finally, it affords the private security company with a clear and concise point with which to communicate and coordinate its activities and logistics. Working within this framework will demonstrate to all those involved and external to the process, that each of the major parties in this activity are working together to counter the proliferation of grey and black market arms, reduce the potential for disruptions in supply chains and operate in a way that is respectful of the needs of the overall maritime shipping community.
The "ABOUT" page has added even more bits to it as you can see here: 
MSB Group Ltd has been created as a catalyst to provide an umbrella to bring together like-minded coastal states to standardize a logistical support mechanism for the use and movement of small arms and equipment used in the protection of merchant vessels sailing high risk waters.
In the near future, maritime security companies will be invited to undergo the vetting process in order to participate in this group. These applications will be vetted by the member states through their national security elements. 
This is getting even more interesting and we will keep an ear out for more information as it comes in.