Friday, January 20, 2012

MSB Group Ltd. passes second round of IAMSP Oversight checks

In the effort to continually keep you updated on the progress of the MSB Group, Ltd. as we said we would, we have found that the IAMSP  has completed another round of checks for the group. This seems to really be a good project for not only the Maritime Security industry, but for the shipping industry as a whole. As stated on the MSB web site 

IAMSP, the International Association of Maritime Security Professionals, has today announced MSB Group has passed the second round of its oversight checks and is now proceeding into the the third round of checks.
The second round checks ensured that the administrative control system will offer all member states the means and ability to continuously monitor the full system. This transparency will provide the member states, shipping companies and underwriters with the ability to have full confidence and awareness of the system in near real time.
These checks also ensured that the system is configured for access by Customs organizations and  other international bodies with an interest in overseeing and monitoring the movement of small arms and light weapons (SALW).

We will update further as more progress comes.

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