Saturday, December 31, 2011

Somalia - Piracy - IAMSP and a new Group

Found this today and is very interesting. I am hoping to find out some more, as posted on their site at 

MSB Group Ltd announces that it has completed its pilot and research phase of a project that will afford shipping companies with a clear and authoritative means of selecting private armed maritime security companies that have committed to the highest of legal and ethical practices.
Under the third-party oversight of IAMSP, MSB has formed the framework of a public-private partnership that will address three major needs. First, shipping companies will be able to verify that the security company that they are considering have met certain vetting criteria. This vetting criteria is based on a range of authoritative requirements, including those of the Coastal States, reducing the risk of disruptions while adherence to unique requirements are met.
Finally, it affords the private security company with a clear and concise point with which to communicate and coordinate its activities and logistics. Working within this framework will demonstrate to all those involved and external to the process, that each of the major parties in this activity are working together to counter the proliferation of grey and black market arms, reduce the potential for disruptions in supply chains and operate in a way that is respectful of the needs of the overall maritime shipping community.
Check back soon for the regional launching of this program for the logistical support for firearms used in merchant vessel security.

A bit more information here:  from the IAMSP Web Site

We will post more as it comes available

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