Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Possible Pirates Impersonate Warship

As reported by our team, this is not the first incident of our teams reporting warship "Impersonators" 

RED SEA / IRTC WEST–In addition to the attack 2xdays ago, there was one suspicious incident (12 24.7 N, 46 41.7 E) involving a suspicious vessel attempting to “impersonate” a warship (identified itself as one, typical African accent, across Channel 16) reported by TL. Reporting centers indicate the probability of 2 x PAG and potentially 1 x PAG PACK operating in the area of the BAB AL MANDEB. In addition to larger ship approach, attacks generally involve 1-2 skiffs, 5 skiffs and rarely larger groups of skiffs. Motherships are believed to have RADAR and AIS capability based on antennae mounts. Based on wave (1m and increasing slightly), wind (5-10kn), and weather (fair), the threat of piracy in this area is assessed as being VERY HIGH

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