Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Korean UDT Anti Piracy Training:

January 22, 2011

S. Korean Navy's Special Forces Conduct Anti-Piracy Training

Rigid inflatable boats with fully armed special forces chase after a ship speeding away. 
The troops promptly board the ship that is being hijacked by pirates.

This is part of the anti-piracy training that the Korean Navy's special forces conduct daily.
"The Underwater Demolition Team conducts anti-terrorism training to deal with possible threats that could happen in the sea. Today's exercise is based on a hypothetical situation of saving a ship and its crew that has been hijacked by pirates." 

A Lynx combat helicopter armed with snipers approaches the vessel while other soldiers descend from a transport chopper onto the deck.
About 30 special forces are involved in these daily open sea exercises near Pyeongtaek naval base, south of Seoul.
"Special forces from the air and sea successfully landed on the hijacked ship and they will now be heading to the steering house to capture the pirates and save the hostages." 

After searching for hostages the troops then locate the ship's bridge.
The door fly opens and the troops storm inside. 

"Drop your weapons, put your hands up, everybody kneel down!"
The troops then successfully capture the pirates one by one and save the hostages.

The training is aimed at safely saving the lives of civilians as well as sending a message to the rest of the world that Korea will not tolerate threats from pirates.
"The Korean Navy's Underwater Demolition Team was able to complete the rescue operation successfully in Somali waters through this daily anti-piracy training. And we will not tolerate any threats towards the lives and security of Korean citizens."

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