Friday, May 21, 2010

Pirated Tug and Barge Found in Philippines

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The Philippines coast guard has apprehended a Malaysian barge and tugboat in the process of having their registration details altered off Mindanao island.

The coast guard service has filed a report to the Singapore-based office of Regional Cooperation Against Piracy and Armed Robbery.

The two vessels, found at sea near the southern Mindanao island, were reportedly hijacked in Indonesian waters some weeks ago.

Shirley Escalante reports from Manila that coast guard commandant Admiral Wilfredo Tamayo believes the hijacked vessels are part of a regional trade in piracy of ships and smuggling.

He says an inspection team found the two vessels' descriptions in the process of being altered.

Information on the vessels' documents and in machinery, as well as their registration numbers and the names "Atlantic 3" on the tugboat and "Atlantic 5" on the barge were being defaced.

The coast guard is trying to establish the identity of suspects arrested on board.

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