Sunday, November 29, 2009

Passive Resistance:

I was giving a quote for security service as of late and came across a company that said they were going to go with a security company offering passive resistance. I was a bit curious as in the nature of defense, there is no such thing as passive resistance. Then I thought of the MV Biscaglia, and that is the closest thing I could think of. Now passive resistance normally would bring in the Gandhi Effect. By that I mean, If you sit on the deck of the ship with a sign that says "Don't Hijack us" and if the hijack actually took place, you would simply jump off the ship. Now this is a bit extreme (and actually happened, without the signs of course) but how can you think of defending a ship with passive resistance?

The only way you can defend a vessel against pirates is with an active defense profile. If you can not show that you are ready to defend the vessel, then you are a prime target. Showing an active, viable defense is the best deterrence against attack int he rist place, Then you must have the means to actually defend the vessel.

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