Monday, March 19, 2012


This is a fantastic step for both IAMSP and AMSSA as found HERE  on the IAMSP web site:

Public Release 201203-001
Topic: AMSSA and IAMSP – Harmonizing Efforts in Support of African efforts
Athens, Greece (11 March 2012) – The International Association of Maritime Security Professionals (IAMSP) and the African Maritime Safety and Security Agency (AMSSA)  today signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), harmonizing their efforts to assist in the development of a safe, secure, sustainable and environmentally sound maritime transportation system (MTS) in Africa.
IAMSP, through this MOU, gains direct access to a number of AMSSA efforts and initiatives. AMSSA will receive significant support from IAMSP in its ongoing efforts at levels ranging from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to training at the local level. The MOU has specific provisions allowing the sharing of information, expertise and efforts both on the ground in Africa and at international plenary groups. David Stone, signing the MOU on behalf of IAMSP, comments that this MOU allows for a stronger strategic position and voice for both Associations as they continue in their efforts in support of Africa’s development. Allan McDougall, President of the IAMSP, sees this MOU as a very positive step in terms of building greater capacity and focus. This will be of benefit to the nations and law-abiding people of Africa as the combined attention not only helps achieve greater positive results, but reduces the risk of unnecessary duplication or competition that could have been focussed to greater effect and benefit to the nation states and their citizens. This concrete step, the first in realizing a shared and positive vision for the MTS in Africa, will be seen as a setting out moment for both Associations at global, regional, national, and local levels.
We look forward to the ability to engage in common efforts and projects. Subsequent announcements of these efforts are forthcoming, making tangible the appropriately professional values held by both AMSSA and IAMSP.
The specific contents of the MOU will be made public shortly after each Association has the opportunity to brief its memberships and further chart out common efforts.

All I can say is well done to both organizations.

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