Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rowing Through Pirate Waters?

As Reported HERE 

(Keeping her route a secret?)

British woman sets off on solo Indian Ocean row 

A British woman who last year become the first to row solo across the Pacific Ocean has set off on an attempt to cross the Indian Ocean. 

Roz Savage, from London, left Fremantle on the coast of Western Australia on Wednesday and will not reach land again for four months.

She aims to row across 4,000 miles of open ocean without stopping in her tiny 23-foot craft with just two satellite phones connecting her to the outside world.
This is the third leg of a round-the-world journey that the 43-year-old has embarked on to raise awareness of the damage humans are doing to the environment when they pollute the oceans.
So far she had had to be rescued by a coastguard, and almost drowned in the pacific when she became separated from her raft.
However, the Indian Ocean has the threat of pirates. In an attempt to avoid an encounter with anyone who would want to steal her high-tech boat or take her hostage, Miss Savage changed her original plan to row to Mumbai, which would have taken her through a pirate-riddled region off the Somali coast, and is keeping her route and destination a secret.

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