Friday, April 2, 2010

Piracy Organized?

Over  a period of time, ISSG Holdings, Ltd. and Evolutionary Security Management, Inc. have been tracking piracy incidents as part of our risk assessment program. Below is a representation of a possible pattern emerging, to indicate that piracy may be a bit more organized than some may think.

With a study of the map, with documented attacks and hijackings, we can see a pattern definitively emerging.
This is where the question arises, are the pirates coordinated enough to assign areas of responsibility to various groups?

In the representation above, there are four very distinctive piracy groupings, and one emerging piracy zone. It should be noted that there are attacks and hijackings that are not included in the actual represented zones, and there may be unreported attacks outside the represented zones.

Most of the piracy maps we see, have a lot of dots on them and really do not make a lot of sense, other than the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean are Pirate areas. We have tried to identify what could be an emergence in piracy patterns. your comments are welcome.

Contributed by:
Allan McDougall
Evolutionary Security Management, Inc.

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