Monday, March 29, 2010

Where Was the Yemen Coast Guard?

As found HERE

 Pirates hijack ship with 24 crew: maritime agency

Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:49am EDT

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NAIROBI (Reuters) - Pirates have seized a ship named MV Iceberg 1 with its 24 crew members off the Gulf of Aden, a maritime monitoring agency said Monday.
"The owners reported to NATO that pirates boarded the ro-ro vessel MV Iceberg 1 today just 10 nautical miles outside Aden Port in the Gulf of Aden," said the Kenyan-based Ecotterra.
"The vessel with her 24 member crew is now commandeered toward the Somali coast."

The question is; Where was the Yemen Coast Guard?


  1. Having a lunch break ?

    On vacation ?

    Yemen who .....?

  2. Pirates engage in actions to "achieve" their criminal conduct.

    Ship owners in denial opt for passive means to "protect" their vessels.

    Ever wondered why pirates suceed..against all odds...