Monday, September 28, 2009

Anti-Piracy Training

MATS College of Technology, ISSG Holdings and Evolutionary Security Management are pleased to announce that they have reached a significant milestone in their efforts to support the seafarer community’s anti-piracy efforts through specialized practical anti-piracy training. The product of several months’ research and development, this training will provide seafarers with training that is specifically designed to meet this rising global challenge.

MATS College of Technology, a leading maritime training institution in the Philippines, has nearly forty years of history in training seafarers for the global maritime industry and is located within the city of Davao. Graduates from MATS College of Technology have often been found amongst the top graduates within the region.

ISSG Holdings, a specialized provider of ship security and high-risk transits, provides operational support and knowledge that will ensure that the training candidates receive encompasses the latest understanding of the operational environment. This is further refined through ISSG Holdings commitment to ensuring that the shipping industry receives both relevant and reliable ship security services, maintaining constant lines of communication with shipping companies, manning agencies and other supporting elements.

Evolutionary Security Management, a recognized training institution for maritime security based in Ontario, Canada, has been a leading research organization within the Transportation Security community with strong ties to first responder, professional security and asset protection associations. These include taking on leadership roles within those communities. The lines of communication into these professional associations ensure that the training provided to candidates aligns with best practices and sound security doctrine.

Located in Davao City, this course is easily accessible to the maritime and seafarer communities, taking into account the need for a cost-effective solution within the maritime industry. The vast majority of seafarers being drawn from this community mean that shipping companies and manning agencies are not burdened with the high travel and accommodation costs that are often encountered when attempting to coordinate specialized training in certain other parts of the globe. Concurrently, shipping companies and manning agencies have the option of having full crews undergo the training together, a practice that reinforces the crew’s ability to respond cohesively. Direct flights from Singapore, a major transportation hub, ensure that this training can be accessible across the global community.

By blending theoretical (classroom) and practical (on board vessel) training that culminates in a live practical exercise on board a vessel, this training is unique in its preparation of seafarers for real-world events. By building this capacity, this is the first course that balances the history and traditions of the professional merchant mariner with leading edge security practices and theory in a way that will have significant and cumulative benefits across the maritime industry.
The first full training course is currently slated for mid-November 2009. Details will soon be posted on the ISSG Holdings ( and Evolutionary Security Management ( websites. Further information can be obtained through ISSG Holdings by email.

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