Friday, August 7, 2009

ISSG Holdings, Ltd. Issues Maritime Security Operations Guide Plan

In facing modern maritime piracy, security operations are successful when the security company exercises versatility in its conduct and approach. Due to the environment difference as an operational space, as compared to common crime, insurgency or war zone, a tailored solution must be found to meet the client’s needs. The factors among others to take into account are the tactical threats, logistics support and the particularities of client’s operating structure. ISSG Holdings, Ltd. is a maritime protection specific security company and as such we base our methodology on solid planning with a military mindset.

Asset protection operations at sea combine land and naval force protection patterns. As the Protection Team lacks even common naval weaponry and sensors, the engagement distances are the same as on soil, with the difference that the ship, obviously, cannot use the landscape to take cover for example. The specifics of this situation are that the vessel becomes a moving defense platform. Maritime protection operators should be land and sea proven; therefore providing limited adjustment to the maritime environment.

The Maritime Operations Guide Plan is the foundation on which operational planning and execution are based; it defines the functions and the concept of operations of the system as a whole, the leadership and missions of each integrator, and coordination between them.

This current document is to expose our vision of how typical asset protection at sea is done. Unlike other security companies, we do believe in “security company – client” transparency in our business conduct. We therefore share our general operation outline with the client giving him the knowledge of our methodology. Armed with this knowledge, the client has the opportunity of input and an instrument to measure our performance.
Applicability and Scope

The Maritime Operations Guide Plan concerns the Maritime Asset Protection activity conducted by “ISSG Holdings, Ltd.” and is based on our Anti-Piracy Methodology. The Plan describes the organizational structure of the teams, which is important information for decision-making process understanding as well as the variety of factors and limits, which lead us during elaboration of specific operational plans.

In order to make sound decisions on the protection of your assets and crew, it is important to be armed with the most up to date, accurate information. Every vessel is different and every company has different expectations as to the acceptable level of risk. We work with you to determine the best security scenario for you, and provide you with options for your decision making process. We provide a vessel / transit risk assessment for you with every quotation of service.

Essential Functions
1 Advise the Master on Security matters and methodology.
2 Prepare the vessel and crew for high threat transit.
3 Protect the vessel and crew from hostile action.

Physical protection of vessel, crew and cargo, performed by a qualified professional team with adequate equipment while on board the vessel. The term “protection” stands for: Hardening of the vessel before entering known hostile waters, sound advice to the Master for ship and crew safety, and the employment of a sound, multiple level defense methodology to detect, deter, delay and deny aggressors and control the ships environment. Generally, the team is to assemble at the quarters, prepare the equipment, arrive to port and embark the vessel, perform all the necessary actions as transit preparation and routine, uninstall the equipment and disembark.
Our teams are equipped with anti-piracy devices, which do not use gunpowder or explosive gases to propel the projectiles; therefore they are not “ traditional firearms” and can be delivered to the vessel by the team legally. As a company policy, the client is responsible of providing firearms to the vessel in the case he requires our team to operate this kind of weaponry.

ISSG Holdings, Ltd. Has a very well defined defense methodology, and when combined with the correct defensive posture along with the right personnel, we know that firearms are not necessary for vessel defense. ISSG has over 50 former Navy Commandos / SEAL's on staff, with a medic on every team. Our staff is among the most capable in the industry to provide vessel protection.

With our experience, it is known that certain weapons and equipment may only be loaded on the vessel in specific locations due to existing laws, rules and regulations of various countries. ISSG holdings, ltd. Will not attempt to circumvent these laws and place our team members, company or client in a position of legal compromise. Firearms are expressly forbidden in Egypt, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen except by local authorities. Night vision, ballistic helmets and ballistic vests may be restricted in certain jurisdictions. We have gone to great lengths to provide our equipment for you.

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