Tuesday, July 21, 2009

14 boat pirate attack

SANA'A, Yemen (AFP)--The Yemeni navy repelled a attack by Somali pirates on a Yemeni oil tanker in the Gulf of Aden on Tuesday, a military spokesman said.

"Somali pirates on 14 boats tried to attack the oil tanker Yemen Oil 7 on its way from Aden to Hudeida" on the Red Sea, the spokesman said in the defense ministry's online newspaper 26sep.net.

"Navy forces immediately took on the boats, submitting them to a burst of fire which forced them to flee," he said.

The tanker, whose tonnage wasn't specified, was undamaged and continued its route towards Hudeida, a port city in northern Yemen, 420 kilometers (260 miles) from Aden, the spokesman said.

In April, the government said it had recaptured a Yemeni oil tanker a day after Somali pirates had seized it. Eleven pirates were caught.

quite the sizable force for 14 boats to attack.

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